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  • What is Mutru?
    Mutru is a Bahamian delivery service revolutionizing how online and in store customers get their goods. We partner with people in your community and major retailers to bring your purchases to you, at home, work, or anywhere—exactly when you need it.
  • Is using Mutru safe?
    Safe. Dependable. (as well as Fast. Convenient. And affordable). That’s Mutru. Each Delivery Specialist must earn our certification and pass a multi-tiered screening which includes: Background check Driving History check Mutru also provides insurance up to $10,000 per delivery for theft, damage or loss of merchandise while a Mutru certified Delivery Specialist is providing delivery services. Customers can rate their Mutru experience, and specifically their driver, online. Mutru only employs drivers who have a consistent record of timeliness, reliability, and good overall delivery results.
  • Who will delivery my purchases?
    Mutru employs people in your local community. We’ve selected people from all walks of life, like retirees, professional drivers, and college students. All have great customer service skills and we’ve reviewed their background checks and driving history.
  • What are the delivery rates?
    We offer a scheduled (next day) rate of $8 per order, and on demand (same day) delivery rate of $12 per order, while there are volume discounts available to businesses that qualify.
  • How do I pay for deliveries?
    Payment for delivery is paid in advance, however, retailers under agreement can have delivery orders fulfilled then be billed on a bi-weekly basis. Mutru also accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.
  • Where do we deliver to?
    We deliver to any location on Nassau/Paradise Island, Bahamas.
  • How long before a package is delivered?
    Deliveries can be fulfilled within 3 hours for same day delivery and up to 32 hours for next day delivery (though typically much sooner).
  • Can Mutru do advance pickups or keep parcel overnight for next day delivery?
    Yes! We allow prescheduling (up to 5 days in advance). We also support same-day and 2 – 3 days delivery for businesses and corporates customers only.
  • Are there any limitations with weight and dimensions of the parcel?
    All packages should fit into the dimensions of L+W+H <= 180cm. Packages that exceed 50lbs may incur additional charges. Please let our sales associate know if you require special assistance with oversized or overweight deliveries, we will be glad to assist further.
  • Do we handle fragile items and irregular sized parcels?
    For fragile or irregular sized package deliveries, we strongly encourage merchants to mark the parcel as “Fragile & Handle with Care” and indicate it on our "additional instructions" section upon schedule delivery order creation. Our delivery agents will take special care to ensure that the packages are delivered without damage. In the event of any breakage, Mutru also insures your delivery items for up to $1000 (for non-perishable items).
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Once the delivery request is accepted. Your package will be delivered on the following available delivery date. One delivery schedule will be charged if merchant fails to cancel the delivery order before 9am on schedule delivery date, cancels after the agent has accepted the order, or for failure to collect the package at the pick up location due to Customer's error. Any cancelations done after delivery scheduling period may incur additional charges.
  • Does Mutru provide 'cash on delivery' (COD) service?
    Yes, Mutru does offer 'cash on delivery' (COD) services. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel this service at any time.
  • Will Mutru refuse acceptance of transport of parcels or delivery items?
    Pickup may refuse to accept parcels for cases in which: a. the sender’s request does not comply with our Terms of Service; b. the sender fails to enter a valid address and other required fields that are recognisable by our Pickup system; c. the package or item is not suitable for transport; d. the transport may violate laws and regulations; or is detrimental to public order, or injurious to public morals; e. the package or item is of the following type: i. Explosives or other hazardous materials or any similar packages that are likely to cause damage to other packages; ii. Packages specifically determined by Pickup to be unacceptable, including but not limited to combustible, inflammable, poisonous and toxic materials, livestocks, dogs, cats, little birds, guns and swords, large and bulky furniture items, etc.
  • Should I tip my delivery driver?
    While tipping is not required, if you are pleased with the level of our service feel free to show your appreciation.
  • Does Mutru deliver from Freight Forwarders?
    Yes! Use the following link to schedule a delivery:
  • Does Mutru deliver from other businesses or stores
    Mutru will deliver most non-perishable items from most business establishments and stores. All orders needing delivery must be pre-paid with relevant store at the time of delivery request. Use the following link to schedule your delivery request:
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