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The bahamas deserves a local delivery service

Who We Are


Mutru is on a journey to make delivery service instantaneous. We have transformed conventional delivery to modernized instant delivery. We’re a trendsetting technology-driven company based in New Providence providing hassle-free, time-saving, instant delivery across New Providence.


Our Vision

To make delivery in The Bahamas simple


Our Mission

To provide a reliable, efficient, trusted and affordable universal delivery service throughout the Bahamas


Our Values

Customer Service
Integrity and loyalty
Operational excellence


What We Do

We deliver at your convenience. We eliminate the gap in the urban market for unpredictable delivery times by providing deliveries or at your convenience, at a reasonable price.

What Sets Us Apart


We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver instantly, wherever you are. Just bought a tool and need to use it now? We will collect it and bring it to you. Have an urgent document that needs to be delivered before end of business? We will collect it and deliver it for you right away. It’s that simple. What’s more, you can track your package instantly as well.  The best part, we are cost effective. For the price you would pay for gas, we deliver instantly.

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